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12/2 Digest

Happy December everyone!
As the semester comes to an end, here are some resourceful events happening next week.

McNair Study Hall 

Join the McNair Scholars for their study hall on Wednesday, December 13th from 9am-5pm at Sondheim Hall 101.

The 9am-12pm session will serve as a space for Scholars and Friends of the program to work together, like an unstructured Bootcamp session. The 1-5pm session will be open to current applicants who are in need of assistance or second opinions on their application.

Scholars and Friends (and applicants) who are present during our designated lunch block will be included in food count. We will also have snacks throughout the session.

Please note that this is a free-flowing session, so you may come in and out as you see fit! All McNair Admin Staff do plan to be at the entire session.

Wellness Wednesdays

Join the Peer Health Educators for Wellness Wednesdays! This Wednesday, December 6th from 12-1pm, stop by The Commons Mainstreet. Come learn about coping strategies by taking part in a fun competition and win a prize!

Best of luck in your studying and most of all, know that YOU'VE GOT THIS!

Posted: December 2, 2023, 11:48 AM